Forty-five years ago, our company started its journey in a home garage by producing more sophisticated rubber products. A lot has changed since 1977, but rubber products remain the common thread of our business, despite the expansion of our production program.

By investing in the knowledge of our employees and technology, at Elastomeri, we have specialized in manufacturing and re-covering rollers and cylinders, mainly for the wood industry. We also cover graphics, paper, packaging, and other industries.

Why choose us?

  • We are the official supplier of internationally recognized companies such as Otto Martin, Holz-Her (Weinig Group), Hofmann, and others,
  • We cover a wide range of rubber and steel rollers for the wood industry,
  • If you do not find a suitable roller in our wide standard program, we can manufacture it according to your drawing or sample (custom-made rollers),
  • We repair (renew) rollers and cylinders for various industries,
  • We are the official representative of Westland Group for Slovenia and
  • We manufacture other technical rubber products.

If you are looking for rubber rollers or metal rollers, or are your wheels worn-out and need new rubber, then we are the right choice.

Elastomeri, the manufacturer of rubber rollers, steel rollers, and other technical rubber products.